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Welcome to Project Woodworks.  I do custom work for people who need unique projects and gifts.  Awards, portraits, furniture, carvings, turnings, boxes, puzzles, games and gifts are all here.  Please look around.  I am sure you will find something you love. 










  Please note:

These projects are not for everyone.  I am not a big-box-store and you will not pay big-box-store prices.  Each project is unique and special and is truly, one-of-a-kind.  I take each project very serious, from the planning phase to the finished piece.  Most projects take many hours to complete.  My prices are based specifically on the cost of materials and the hours required to plan, purchase and build your project.   Shop time is typically $80/hour, depending on the project.  I know you work hard for your money and every effort will be made to keep prices fair for you and for me.










All images on this web site are copyright protected by Project Woodworks.  Nothing on this site may be duplicated or reproduced in anyway without written permission from Project Woodworks.  Please don’t steal my work for your own!

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